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Alumni Profiles

     “I am now constantly exposed to an exciting world of opportunities. As i begin to face the bigger challenges while paving my way, I can only appreciate the experiences I have had and the skills I have gained from UWC”

                                      Stella Dlamini  (Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA Class of 2017)

                                                                       University of Edinburgh

“A life changing and eye opening experience which lectures you on the many characteristics of the world, yourself, and the people around you.”

                                      Mcebo Dlamini (Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA Class of 2013)

                                                                    University of Oklahoma, USA

                                        “We gotta keep living the mission...UWC is the life we chose.”

                                                               Sebenele Ndlangamandla (UWCSEA 2015)

                                                                         Bennington College, USA

                                “Human social networks are real and help us get where we want to be.”

                                                  Thandolwethu Mamba (UWC Dilijan Class of 2016)

                                                                           Duke University, USA

“A safe space does not always have to make you comfortable. It enables you to be critical in your thoughts, decisions and perceptions of life, and your surroundings.”

                                                    Thandwa Mdluli (UWC in Mostar Class of 2016)

                                                                              Middlebury College


                                                                          "In God's time everything is beautiful."

                                                         Lisa Kasamba (UWC in Mostar Class of 2015)

                                                                        Methodist University

                                                                           "Life is as blissful as you make it"

                                                    Thandiswa Mdluli (UWC Dilijan Class of 2017)

                                                                                 College of Idaho

"The beauty about graduating from UWC is that the mission becomes less spoken and becomes a mission through actions."

                                                   Themba Shongwe (UWC USA Class of 2014)

                                                                 Skidmore College, USA

                                                                               "UWC is in me and is with me!"

                                    Mehluko Myanga (Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA Class of 2015)

                                                                          Trinity College, USA


                                                            "UWC spread the wings I never thought I had."

                                   Nhlakanipho Khumalo (Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA Class of 2015)

                                                                         Skidmore College, USA

"UWC is a lifestyle. It doesn't end after you graduate. You carry it with you always (although you might not notice it). Nothing can ever compare to your UWC experience but that experience will guide and shape how you decide to live the rest of life. "

                                                     Kgomotso Magagula (UWC Costa Rica Class of 2016)

                                                                               St. Olaf College, USA